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Small batching plant HZS25 HZS35 HZS50


HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50 belong to small batching plant which is suitable for rural construction and small engineering projects. At present, many rural markets will choose these three mini concrete batching plant models. The small concrete batching plants have many advantages such as low investment, fast profit recovery, easy installation and maintenance, suitable for small projects.

small batching plant small batching plants

With the changes in the market and engineering needs, small concrete batching plants are increasingly favored by customers! Small footprint, low investment, and fast return are its advantages, and the structure is relatively simple. Some customers even can reduce or increase the configuration according to their own situation. The concrete mixing machine of small concrete batching plant adopt forced double-shaft mixer, can produce a variety of concrete, such as plastic, dry and hard concrete with reliable quality. Aggregate is accumulatively measured by electronic scale or separately metered. Cement, water and additives are all used in weighing hoppers. The metering is accurate, the computer is controlled centrally, and the operation is simple, easy to adjust and reliable. The aggregate is fed by bucket. The electrical components are reliable in performance and high in production power.

Considering skill requirements of concrete batching plant operator, small batching plant require less operation and maintenance personnel. Large concrete batching plants have complex structures and high degree of automation, and have high requirements for operators and maintenance personnel.