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China concrete mixer factory selection


China concrete mixer factory are famous on the world market for the high mixing efficiency and quality, as well as the low cost compared with other manufacturer. On the one hand, the concrete mixer can be sued alone for mixing concrete, on the other hand, the concrete mixer can be sued as the central concrete mixing machine in a set of concrete batching plant. The overall selection principle of concrete mixer are:

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(1) Production scale
Judging the production capacity of concrete mixer according to the size of the production scale. If the annual output is less than 200,000 m3, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally not less than 90m3/h, so the JS1500 or JS2000 concrete mixer should be used.
(2) Affiliated equipment
The specification and working size of the concrete mixer are selected according to the condition of the associated equipment. The loading capacity of the mixer truck should match the discharge capacity of the mixer.
(3) Equipment technical performance
Mainly from the advancement, reliability, excellence and versatility of the equipment. The concrete mixer should have the characteristics of advanced working principle, high degree of automation, strong management function and good environmental performance. The equipment should be well equipped, reliable in control, strong in applicability and good in maintainability. In addition, it is also necessary to consider high measurement accuracy, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, large use of standard parts, and good interchangeability.
(4) Supplier reputation
The reputation of the concrete mixer factory in China should also be considered, whether the installation and commissioning is strict, whether technical guidance and training are in place, whether the after-sales service is timely, whether the spare parts supply is sufficient.
(5) Performance price ratio
It is unwise to pursue the technical performance of equipment comprehensively, and it will increase unnecessary investment. However, it is not advisable to pursue low investment and reduce the technical performance of equipment, which will increase the cost of use. At present, a more reasonable approach is to choose the right price/performance ratio in china concrete mixer factory.