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How to operate the concrete mixer for sale


In recent years, the concrete mixers are all produced with closely calculate by engineers, which can meet the mixing task of concrete and other mixed materials, and the mixing bucket equipped with full set of high wear-resistant lining, under the premise of in accordance with the normal maintenance, the service life can more than 70,000 cans. While there are so advanced concrete mixer for sale in the market, the key point of mixing more concrete come to the daily operation.

concrete mixer for saleconcrete mixers for sale

When we have bought concrete mixer for sale, the next step is check whether there are problems on the equipment, the check list is: check whether the motor, cylinder, bearing seat, etc. has damage, whether the fasteners is loose, if any one is loose, we should tighten it, the support foundation should be formation concrete floor, the concrete mixer should tied to the rack by rope while transfer, it can not be set in the mixing shaft.

Then is the operating procedures of concrete mixer
1, before starting the concrete mixer, check whether the rotating part and the barrel has scratched touch phenomenon firstly, if there is scratch phenomenon, the part should be promptly adjusted.
2, clean up debris inside the barrel, the cylinder should be limited before starting.
3, the stirring shaft rotation direction should be the same as the sign marked at the end of cylinder.
4, loaded concrete materials must be cleared of metal or other debris.
5, according to the mixing time to adjust the timing of the mixer, pay attention to the time must be adjusted in the case of power off.