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The selection of stationary and mobile concrete mixing plant manufacturer


In the classification of the concrete mixing plants, there are stationary concrete mixing plant and mobile concrete mixing plant. Because the workplace of the commercial concrete mixing plant is fixed, it does not migrate often, so we generally use stationary concrete mixing plant. Due to the construction period of the engineering project, the concrete mixing plant will be moved to new construction site or be stored, this requires to choose the mobile concrete mixing plant manufacturer for easy removal. What are the detailed similarities and differences between the stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants?

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In the course of use, the product structure design of the general engineering concrete mixing plant is to minimize unnecessary parts. Taking into account the basic cost of the equipment and the cost of disassembly, some structures are designed as integral traction, the main body is drag trailer type, this is the mobile concrete plant. It is generally small in size and simple in configuration, which is suitable for expansion projects such as road tunnels and construction in remote areas. The mobile concrete mixing plant designed with wheels that can be flexibly and conveniently replaced. However, its production capacity is relatively low. The stationary concrete mixing plant is the opposite. The batching plant needs to use concrete to lay the foundation, the equipment is fixed on the foundation, the construction site will not move basically. This requires a solid foundation and complete configuration, the production capacity of stationary concrete plant is far greater than that of the mobile concrete mixing plant. The model of concrete mixing plant is different, and the production of concrete is also different. Whether the output of stationary concrete mixing plant or the mobile concrete mixing plant manufacturer is high depends on their model size.