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Professional mobile concrete plant manufacturers


The professional mobile concrete plant manufacturers can guarantee the product quality, and the mobile concrete mixing plant is a one-piece structure (except for the cement silo and the screw conveyor), since most of the components are folded and transported to the construction site, some auxiliary equipment is needed to install the mobile concrete plant in place. Do you know how to install the mobile batching plant equipment? Let's take a look at the steps below:

mobile concrete plant manufacturers mobile concrete plant manufacturer

First, the main structure installation
1. When the mobile concrete mixing plant is towed to the construction site, lower the legs on the chassis to support the front section and then disengage from the tractor.
2. Lift the front half with the crane, lower the control room and bolt the hinges. Use another car to lift the batching station section, install the legs of concrete batching machine, and then lower the ground at the same time.
3. Install the mixing platform, stairs, railings, and batching station boards of the mobile concrete plant.
4. Turn the metering system to the working position and connect it securely.
Second, the powder system installation
1. Install the powder tank accessory (dust collector, level gauge, broken arch, butterfly valve) to the powder tank.
2. Lift each powder can bottom frame to the designated position.
3. Connect the powder tank ladder to the powder tank body, and hoist each powder tank body to each powder tank bottom frame according to the powder system installation diagram, then connect and fasten it to the powder tank bottom frame.
4. Correct the verticality of the powder tank, and then weld the bottom plate of the powder can bottom to the basic mounting plate.
5. Suspend each screw conveyor to the designated position and connect the screw conveyor inlet to the butterfly valve flange. Align the screw conveyor discharge port with each feed port of the cement metering system and connect with a canvas sleeve.
Third, the water pump and admixture pump installation
The water supply system and the admixture system piping have been installed on the main part, and it is only necessary to pipe according to the position of the inlet pipe and install the pump admixture pump.
Fourth, pneumatic system installation
The main part of the pneumatic system has been installed, just install the powder tank broken arch pipe, filter and solenoid valve, and then use PU pipe to connect with the air inlet of each powder tank breaking arch device. Then the whole mobile concrete batching plant has been installed well. The models of the products of mobile concrete plant manufacturers are YHZS series with different mixing capacity.