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Work principles of twin shaft concrete mixer


Twin shaft concrete mixer is composed by the chassis, mixing device, transmission system, limit device and electrical control system formed. The chassis support the whole concrete mixer and have beautiful appearance. The stirring device is composed of stirring cylinder, stirring shaft and stirring blade. The stirring blade is fixed on the stirring arm and formed integrally with the stirring shaft. The two sets helix have opposite direction, but the lead, the spiral ribbon stirring shovel with same angle, the gap between mixing shovel and mixing cylinder internal arm can be adjusted slightly. The transmission system is composed of the deceleration machine and the coupling, the cylinder limit device is composed of the locking pin and the positioning hole, and the electrical control system has the function of starting, jogging, stopping and timing.

concrete mixertwin shaft concrete mixer

The working principle is: after put the mixing raw material into the mixer, the reducer motor drive the stirring shaft rotation in one direction through the coupling, the positive and negative two sets of shovel blade on the stirring shaft mixing material, due to the effect of spiral angle, the shovel work pushes materials in the cylinder from the side to the other side, and then cycle action by the other side back to the original, so that the material is fully stirred, so as to obtain a better mixing effect. Discharge time the mixer must be stopped, hit the lock, make the cylinder rotation a certain angle, and then limit, press the jog button to discharge the mixture out of the cylinder. The performance of twin shaft concrete mixer have many outstanding features, such as high efficiency, high quality, stable operation, reasonable structure design, great mixing quality, easy to move and so on!