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How much does it cost to build a concrete batching plant?


The cost to build a concrete batching plant consist of concrete batching plant equipment cost, site rent cost, raw material cost, worker salary and energy consumption. The concrete batching plant includes a variety of equipment, but depending on the needs of the user, some auxiliary equipment may not be used, but they are generally the same, mainly including the concrete mixer main machine, material weighing system, material transport system, material storage system and control system 5 major systems and other ancillary facilities. The whole set of concrete batching plant equipment includes JS forced concrete mixer, PLD concrete batching machine, cement silo (also called cement tank), control system, weighing system, cement tank truck, etc. With the increasing demand for construction machinery in the current market, more and more people are investing in concrete batching plants. There are different manufacturers of concrete batching plants, and their prices also vary. So what exactly affects the price of the concrete batching plant?

cost to build a concrete batching plant cost of concrete batching plant

1. Type of concrete batching plant. There are many types of concrete mixing plants currently used. Different types of equipment have different manufacturing processes and performance, so their prices are also different.
2. Manufacturer of concrete batching plant. The price of concrete mixing plants produced by different manufacturers is also different, and the technology and other processes are also different. Generally, the concrete batching plant equipment produced by large enterprises is more expensive than that of small enterprises. This is mainly because the large enterprises are better than small enterprises in many aspects such as production technology and quality. 3. The degree of automation of the concrete batching plant equipment. Fully automatic is much higher than ordinary equipment. Generally, the more manpower it consumes, the cheaper the machinery will be.
4. The scale of the concrete batching plant, including the mixing capacity, the site area, the basic equipment of the entire concrete mixing plant, etc. In this regard, the commercial concrete mixing plant requires more investment than the general engineering concrete mixing plant. The cost to build a commercial concrete batching plant is higher than that of engineering concrete batching plant plus the supporting equipment and the area of the site.
5. Production capacity of concrete batching plant. The amount of investment required varies with the expected production capacity of the concrete mixing plant. If the production capacity is relatively large, this requires a certain amount of equipment and raw material requirements in the concrete mixing station, which will increase the cost to build a concrete batching plant.

Haomei Machinery reminds you that when choosing a concrete mixing plant, you must go to a regular manufacturer for a site inspection, go to a few more places, and compare and choose a manufacturer with strong production capacity.