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1 Cubic Meter Concrete Mixer


Horizontal twin shaft forced 1 cubic meter concrete mixer consists of feeding, mixing, discharging, water supply, electrical, cover, chassis, supporting legs, gears and other parts. The 1m3 concrete mixer is also known as JS1000 forced concrete mixer, it is a series of double-horizontal-shaft forced mixers with a discharge capacity of 1 cubic meter each time. The theoretical productivity of concrete mixer 1 cubic meter is 60m3/h, and it is mainly used as a mixing host in HZS50 and HZS60 concrete batching plant. JS1000 concrete mixer can be used alone or with different models of PLD series concrete batching machines to form a simple concrete batching plant.

Standard configuration of 1 cubic meter concrete mixer:
Mixer model: JS1000 concrete mixer
Theoretical production capacity: 60m³/h
Feeding capacity: 1600L
Discharge capacity: 1000L
Total power: 127.5KW

1 cubic meter concrete mixer concrete mixer 1 cubic meter

Performance characteristics of 1 cubic meter concrete mixer:
1.Mixing device:
The vulnerable parts of the JS1000 forced concrete mixer are made of high wear-resistant alloy cast iron material. The mixing drum is thickened, and the overall cast spiral mixing arm has high strength, wear resistance, and low resistance.
2.Shaft end sealing device:
JS1000 concrete mixer adopts multiple shaft end seals, which can effectively prevent mortar leakage. At the same time, the automatic lubrication system delivers lubricating grease, and the grease pressure ensures the long-term reliability of the shaft end seal.
3.Flexible feeding methods:
It can be loaded with a hopper or a belt conveyor, with flexible configuration, cost-saving, and meeting the needs of different customers.
4.Discharging system:
JS1000 concrete mixer adopts hydraulic system drive, which has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth operation, accurate door opening positioning, and manual door opening. The high-pressure oil generated by the oil pump system is used to control the opening and closing of the force-feeding door through the action of the high-pressure oil pipe, to achieve arbitrary adjustment of the opening position of the discharging door and realize different discharging speeds.
The forced 1 cubic meter concrete mixer reducer and the main shaft are directly driven by a coupling, with a long service life and high mechanical efficiency.
6.Water supply system:
The water supply system of JS1000 concrete mixer is composed of an electric motor, water pump, throttle valve, cleaning device, spray pipe, etc. The water required for mixing concrete is sent to the spray pipe by the water pump through the throttle valve, and the throttle valve can adjust the water flow rate.
7.Electrical system:
The electrical control circuit of the 1 cubic meter concrete mixer is equipped with air switches, fuses, and thermal relays, which have functions of short circuit protection and overload protection. All control buttons, air switch handles, and indicator lights are arranged on the distribution box door and equipped with door locks. There are protective doors outside the buttons.