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Automated concrete batching plant


With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the production technology of concrete batching plants has also become more and more advanced. Automated concrete batching plant have begun to enter our projects. Nowadays, many users of concrete batching plants are using automatic concrete batching plant equipment. These What are the advantages of automatic concrete batching plant equipment?

automated concrete batching plant automated concrete plant


Fully automatic operation means that the automated concrete batching plant equipment is completed by a professional control system, and the fully automatic concrete batching plant is controlled by a full computer system. The operation channels and computer monitoring in the control room can vividly reflect the entire production process and the status of each part, such as the cement storage status of the cement silo, the aggregate storage in the aggregate silo, the transport of the aggregate and the discharge of the concrete, etc. Once there is a problem in a certain part, it can be found in a short time and solved in time. All concrete batching plants are controlled by industrial computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually, and the operation is simple and convenient. The dynamic panel displays the operation status of each component of the auto concrete batching plant, and can store various data of the concrete batching plant at the same time, print various report data as required, and store more than tens of thousands of recipes. The control room is equipped with air conditioning to ensure that the electrical components are durable, functional and reliable.

On the whole, the automated concrete batching plant has two major advantages: simple operation and accurate measurement. Of course, in terms of selection, we also have a semi-automatic concrete batching plant for you to choose from. The automatic concrete batching plant is of course good, but it is also in the quotation. It is much higher than semi-automatic, and the selection of small concrete batching plants is not as long as fully automatic and more professional. Semi-automatic concrete batching plants also have efficient productivity in production, so we should choose according to our own actual conditions.