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Automated Concrete Mixing Station


The automatic control system of automated concrete mixing station is widely used in large and medium-sized concrete mixing plant production equipment. The system is an intelligent automatic control management system integrating control, management and network. The automatic system adopts the characteristics of humanized design, synchronous operation of graphics and text, high degree of automation, strong anti-interference ability, high batching precision, stable performance, and easy operation.


automated concrete mixing station automatic concrete mixing station


The computer control system in an automated concrete mixing station consists of upper computer automatic control system, programmable control equipment (PLC) input and output unit, communication module, weighing module and control cabinet group. In terms of design, the system adopts soft and hard double interlocking control and protection function mode to further improve the reliability of the system in long-term operation. In terms of production control, both the upper computer and the control cabinet are equipped with manual and automatic control, and have functions such as operation monitoring information prompts, out-of-tolerance, online fault automatic detection and warning, data backup and report printing. The automatic control system is suitable for HZS concrete batching plant.

Features of automated concrete mixing station are:
1, Humanized design, full dynamic simulation production screen, real-time monitoring, clear at a glance.
2, The control authorization of the nesting process is open, flexible and convenient.
3, Water can be added or reduced at any time during the production process to facilitate quality control.
4, Man-machine screen operation, all manual processes can be completed by clicking the mouse on the computer screen, and the operation is flexible and free.
5, Automatic calculation and correction of moisture content to further improve the quality of concrete.
6, The industrial control computer has strong anti-interference ability, reliable and stable.
7, Powerful out-of-tolerance warning function, convenient for production monitoring.
8, The communication baud rate is high, and the batching speed is fast, stable and accurate.
9, The fast, medium and slow three-speed batching technology gap is automatically corrected and compensated to further improve the batching accuracy and production efficiency.
10, Dual system backing and double backup of all production data ensure the stability of production and make users worry-free.
11, The input and scheduling methods of task orders are simple and fast, and can be operated on the same screen.
12, Manual batching, the computer automatically records the consumption statistics of various materials in manual batching, and improves the material consumption statistics.
13, The automatic batching can be paused at any time without affecting the operation of other batching processes.
14, Permission-based user management, decentralized login for operators, prevents unauthorized personnel from operating the system and is reliable.