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Automatic Batching Plant


The automatic batching plant is a relatively hot in recent years, mainly used for construction, building use, road and bridge repair and other engineering projects. The automatic concrete batching plant can greatly speed up the progress of the project and save manpower, so it is more popular in the construction industry. The automatic concrete plant adopt fully automatic control system to complete the whole process, and Haomei Machinery supply 25-240m3/h concrete batching plant automatic. Here take a complete set of HZS180 concrete batching plant as example, let us see the configuration and price.
automatic batching plant batching plant automatic

HZS180 automatic batching plant is also called 3 cubic meter concrete batching plant, the theoretical output is 180 cubic meters of concrete per hour, the actual output is about 150 cubic meters of concrete per hour, the concrete mixing host is js3000 forced concrete mixer, each discharge is 3 cubic meters, and the concrete batching machine is pld4800 concrete batching machine. It can produce 1,200-1,500 cubic meters of concrete a day, and 360,000-45 million cubic meters of concrete a year (300 working days). The HZS180 concrete batching plant is the key equipment of Haomei Machinery, this automatic concrete mixing plant uses a double-horizontal shaft forced type concrete. The mixer lining and mixing blades are specially treated with wear-resistant materials. The special shaft end support and sealing type greatly improve the service life of the main engine. It has the characteristics of short mixing period, uniform mixing, fast discharging, high productivity and so on. At present, the price of the complete set of HZS180 concrete batching plant on the market is about 20~30 million. Haomei Machinery offer free delivery, assembly, commissioning and operation training, including tax and shipping, so that customers can buy it at ease.

The price of automatic batching plant equipment of different configurations is different. For example, the choice of 200 tons or 100 tons of cement silo, the size of cement silo, the number of batching machines, the use of mixing host brand will affect the investment of concrete mixing plant. There is also a big difference in the price of the famous brand concrete mixer and the manufacturer’s own concrete mixer. Therefore, the price of the automatic concrete batching plant needs to be calculated based on the customer's physical specifications. You are welcome to call us to obtain the concrete batching plant equipment configuration plan and quotation that suits you.