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Environmental Protection Cement Batch Plant


With the increase of green environmental protection, noise reduction and emission reduction inspections, many projects, projects or cement batch plant under construction have adopted the method of stopping work and waiting for production. A large number of enterprises have been affected, especially as a concrete batch plant under construction. The concrete mixing plant should also actively respond to the national environmental protection call, actively do a good job in the green production of concrete, and actively develop environmentally friendly enterprises. So, how should we build a concrete batching plant to meet the national environmental protection requirements?


cement batch plant concrete batch plant

In the work of the cement batch plant, every item related to environmental protection should be checked, dust, waste water, noise, solid waste, etc. should be controlled to achieve green production. At this stage, Haomei Machinery recommends that users take the following measures to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in order to avoid being investigated.
1, Build a closed workshop, and expand the encapsulation method of our conventional concrete batching plant mainframe, conveyor belts, sand and aggregate bins to the entire mixing site, including the material yard, etc., all into a closed workshop.
2, Install active dust removal equipment. In addition to dust removal in the mixing host building, dust removal is required at the gravel silos, belt conveyors, and the entire concrete batch plant site. In addition, spraying devices can also be installed if conditions permit.
3, Use sand and gravel separators and sewage sedimentation tanks to recycle sand and gravel in concrete batching plant site. After sedimentation of sewage cement slurry, the sewage is used for multiple times to achieve zero discharge of sewage.
4, In addition, if the cement batch plant is located near a residential area, noise reduction treatment needs to be considered. The common method is to seal the noise source with a reinforced concrete wall with good sound insulation.