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China Concrete Mixing Station


China concrete mixing station includes two rows of cement silos and a series of screw conveyors, and a computer control room side controls the operation of the entire concrete mixing plant. It can deliver mixing materials to two concrete trucks at the same time. It also adopts electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display and other control technologies with new design ideas. The electronic weighing has buffer devices and automatic compensation functions, and the measurement accuracy is high. The sand and gravel feeding system adopts large-width herringbone belt feeding, and pedestrian security inspection aisles can be set up according to needs. Many points make the HZS series concrete mixing station an ideal choice for concrete mixing plant enterprises and construction units pursuing large scale concrete mixing equipment.


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To the configuration of china concrete mixing station, let us see HZS180 concrete mixing plant. HZS180 concrete mixing station equipment configuration JS3000 concrete mixer host (1 set) + PLD4800 pneumatic weighing batching machine (1 set) + LSY200 screw conveyor (3 sets) + cement scale (1 set) + fly ash scale (1 set) + Water scale (1 set) + Additive scale (1 set) + Belt conveyor + Cement storage bin + Centralized control (1 set). The theoretical rate of HZS180 concrete mixing plant is 180m3/h, the concrete mixer model is JS3000, the power of the mixing main engine is 110KW, the total power of the whole set of concrete mixing station equipment is 260KW, the number of bins of the concrete batching machine is 4 grids, the batching capacity is 240m3, the cement weighing range and accuracy (0 ~1500) ± 1% kg, the weighing range and accuracy of admixture (0 ~ 50) ± 1% kg, the discharge height is 4m, and can be transported to a higher height with the screw pump.

No matter where you buy the china concrete mixing station, knowledgeable friends know that the actual mixing capacity cannot reach 100%. The theoretical production capacity of the HZS180 concrete mixing station is 180 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Affected by other external factors, in the actual process , The output of concrete per hour is between 140-150 cubic meters, so users should pay attention when choosing the model of the concrete mixing plant, especially the engineering mixing plant, so as not to affect the progress of the project.