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China Stationary Concrete Mixer Plant Manufacturer


China stationary concrete mixer plant manufacturer - Haomei Machinery is recognized as worth to be trusted and choose. With the increasing use of concrete mixer plant machinery, customers are most concerned with the efficiency of production in the operation of concrete mixing plants. Therefore, improving the efficiency of the concrete mixing plant is the key to efficient production, which undoubtedly reduces costs such as labor, time, and raw materials.


china stationary concrete mixer plant manufacturer china stationary concrete mixer plant manufacturers


1. Strengthen the control of cement quality
In the work of stationary concrete mixing plants, the quality of cement controls the quality of concrete products. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a strict system for sampling and inspecting raw materials, with at least two random inspections per shift. Adjust the mix ratio based on the strength, compressive resistance, fineness, etc. of each raw material, and prepare test blocks in advance to test the specific strength of each raw material. During the concrete pouring process, conduct proper testing and maintenance of test blocks according to standard regulations.

2. Strengthen professional technical training for operators
After the completion of the stationary concrete batching plants, maintenance and technical safety work for various machines should be strengthened. Operating the machines is a job for professional technicians, and safety application and operation should strictly follow the user manual and other relevant requirements. At the same time, key points for professional operation should be formulated based on the user manual. Operators need to pass professional training and reach the standard before they can independently operate the equipment.

3. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment
In order to ensure the normal operation of the stationary concrete mixer plant, it is necessary to establish a professional inspection and maintenance system. Various machines should be inspected daily, and any problems discovered should be properly handled. A mechanical and electrical team can be established on-site at the concrete mixing plant to immediately inspect and solve any abnormal situations that occur in various machines and equipment. The mechanical and electrical team is responsible for the maintenance of the concrete mixing plant's common machine equipment failures.

These are the strategies for strengthening the management of concrete mixing plants summarized by china stationary concrete mixer plant manufacturer, hope these could help you, if you have any question about the concrete batching plant, you can contact us, we are ready to reply!