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Environmental Protection Concrete Batch Plant Equipment


High-efficiency dust-proof devices is installed in the environmental protection concrete batch plant equipment. The production, transportation, pumping, and test equipment of ready mixed concrete enterprises should use advanced technology and quality products such as low noise, low energy consumption, and low emissions. Prohibited elimination equipment is strictly prohibited. The process in the mixing production process must be more scientific, such as loading, batching, mixing and other links must be equipped with bag dust-proof devices, etc., to achieve efficient dust removal and meet the requirements of reducing noise and dust emission indicators. Transport vehicles should be kept clean and must not run "with disease".

concrete batch plant equipment concrete batch plants equipment
Compared with the traditional concrete batch plant equipment, the material yard here is closed, and the main production building looks more like a factory workshop. The workshop is also equipped with a dust collection system to achieve zero discharge of waste water, waste, and waste slurry. This environmental protection will be fully implemented green concrete batching plant construction. The existing concrete plant equipment is upgraded and designed, the old-fashioned open-air working mode is changed to a closed work process, and the method of building a closed workshop is adopted, requiring all the aggregate piles and equipment to be enclosed in the workshop. Due to the large amount of dust generated by the lifting bucket concrete batch plant, which is not easy to encapsulate, and the noise spreads far, it is necessary to upgrade the lifting bucket concrete mixing plant to a belt conveyor concrete batching plant.

The concrete batch plant equipment should use a dust collector with good dust removal effect to collect dust in a centralized manner. The sand and gravel aggregates should be covered by nets. If there is spoil and garbage, the spoil should be backfilled to keep the structure clean and tidy: the construction site is separated by a fence. Buildings are covered with barriers to maintain the civilized image of the city and ensure the safety of passing pedestrians. The tires of the concrete mixer truck are washed before leaving the factory. Sprinklers can be used to sprinkle water on the periphery of the building. Sprinklers are used in the factory to regularly spray water.