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Concrete boom pump for sale


Haomei Machinery offer high quality concrete boom pump for sale 37-54m, and also provide professional after sale service. The fuel consumption of the concrete pump truck is a major consumption item in the construction, and the fuel with the condensation point of 3-5 degrees Celsius lower than that of the area must be selected according to the temperature of the construction area. Measures must be taken in time for this situation of high fuel consumption.

To reduce the weight of the vehicle itself. If the weight of the vehicle itself is very heavy, it will produce a lot of fuel consumption. Therefore, try not to add unnecessary additional equipment during construction. Reduce the resistance and acceleration resistance of the vehicle during running. Large resistance will increase fuel consumption. If the concrete pump truck speed is below 40 kilometers per hour during the construction process, the air resistance can be ignored, but the rolling resistance should be paid attention to. When the concrete pump truck is driving on uneven roads, the tires will be deformed due to the uneven slope, resulting in increased rolling resistance, which will increase fuel consumption by 30%-50%. Therefore, the construction road must be as flat as possible.

concrete boom pump for sale concrete boom pump

In addition, pay attention to the safety of road conditions and choose the right tire pressure to reduce fuel consumption. The gear transmission ratio of the vehicle transmission has a great influence on fuel consumption. During construction, it is necessary to gradually cool down and choose a high gear with a small transmission ratio. In order to save fuel. The compression ratio of the concrete pump truck engine should be improved. The general diesel compression ratio is between 16-22. The increase in compression ratio is conducive to the combustion of the mixed gas and improves the thermal efficiency of the engine. Specific measures to reduce the resistance of the intake system. In addition, the filter must be processed in time to ensure that enough air enters the filter cylinder.

If the fuel supply advance angle of the concrete boom pump for sale is too large or too small, the fuel consumption of the engine will increase. Therefore, to make the concrete pump truck engine have good performance, the fuel supply must be calibrated in advance. Reduce the fuel consumption per unit load of the concrete boom pump. If the concrete pump truck permits, increase the load capacity of the truck to the rated load. This can increase production efficiency and significantly reduce fuel consumption.

To master the speed of the concrete boom pump for sale. Because construction roads are generally informal roads. In this case, grasp the relationship between safety fuel consumption and vehicle speed. In order to ensure the minimum fuel consumption and ensure that the production efficiency is economical and reasonable. The concrete boom pump chooses the correct lubricant. Choosing the right lubricating oil can reduce the power consumption of the engine. In addition, the lubricating oil used in different winter and summer seasons is also different.