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Concrete Brick Maker


Concrete brick maker is a kind of concrete bricks and blocks manufacturing equipment, which one machine with multiple functions, producing various types of bricks. It is not a trivial matter to build a fully automatic concrete brick machine production line. Users need to understand the size of the site, the brick product market, the strength of the opponent, and the capital to build a factory. At the same time, you must also understand the operating procedures and brick making precautions. Today, Haomei Machinery mainly analyzes with you the details of setting up factories and making bricks.

The establishment of a concrete brick maker production line plant needs to pay attention to the local raw material market, which kind of raw material is rich in source, transportation and price. The sources of waste resources such as fly ash and coal gangue used in the concrete brick making machine are relatively specific, and most of them are piled up in a relatively concentrated place. Whoever sets up the factory first will monopolize the source of materials and occupy the market to avoid the participation of latecomers compete.

concrete brick maker concrete brick maker machine
Concrete brick maker machine users also need to understand the strength of competitors when building brick making factory. Understand the allocation of funds, mainly including equipment investment, site investment, working capital, etc. Investigate the local bricks sales market, analyze which bricks are more popular, more practical, and cater to the tastes of target customers, which is also conforming to the market.

For the normal operation of the concrete brick maker machine production line, the daily brick making procedures need to undergo professional training, so as to improve the efficiency of brick making. Be sure to cut off the power supply when performing maintenance; after using the concrete brick machine, you must cut off the power and clean the surrounding sanitation to keep the concrete brick machine dry and tidy.

When the hydraulic system of the concrete brick maker is working, the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises, the viscosity decreases, and the leakage in the system increases, which promotes the rise of the pressure and forms a vicious circle of oil temperature. Therefore, the choice of hydraulic oil should be based on the normal operating temperature requirements of the system to choose a hydraulic oil with a suitable viscosity.