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Concrete mixer and pumping machine


Haomei supply low cost concrete mixer and pumping machine while ensure the high performance, high quality and good after sale service. Concrete mixer with pump machine is the construction site equipment which mixture of cement, coarse / fine aggregate, admixture, water and other materials in a certain proportion (measurement), which is mixed by machinery and mixed in a correspondingly set time to form a mixture (ie concrete) for conveying concrete horizontally / vertically.

concrete mixer and pumping machine concrete mixer with pumping machine
While use the concrete mixer with pump, pay attention to check the oil level and oil quality of the hydraulic oil tank, and replace it in time; pay attention to clean the body to ensure that there is no dirt or impurities inside the body; check whether the electrical components of the concrete mixer and pump machine function normally and whether the hydraulic system has oil leakage or leakage oil phenomenon occurs; before construction, add water to the mixing drum and run it idly to check whether the operation of the equipment is firm; observe whether the operation sound of the motor, reducer, and transmission gear is normal at any time during the construction, and whether the temperature of the equipment is too high; After construction, it must be cleaned.

Concrete mixer with pump machine combines the concrete conveying machinery and the mixing machinery to realize the concrete mixing and conveying function into one, fully mechanized construction, and simple operation, one person can operate; the equipment can be hauled by a small loading truck; development when considering the affordability of the rural power grid, the equipment can be used in most rural areas. The concrete mixer and pumping machine is very suitable for the transport of large and small aggregate concrete such as small and medium-sized foundations, especially for foundation irrigation. Construction characteristics such as large concrete pouring volume or narrow space.