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Concrete mixer pump machine price


Concrete mixer pump machine price is reasonable in Haomei Machinery, while the quality is guaranteed and the service life is long. The concrete mixer pump machine is a special equipment for concrete conveying that integrates feeding, mixing, pumping and driving. Haomei concrete mixer with pump machine has high work efficiency, high cost performance, high quality configuration. It adopts imported Kawasaki main oil pump, original Schneider electronic parts from France, and Bosen hydraulic valve block from Germany. The performance is stable and reliable, and the safety is high.

concrete mixer pump machine price concrete mixer pump machine prices

The concrete mixer and pump machine is suitable for the transportation of small and medium-sized, large aggregate concrete such as foundations, especially for rural civil construction, township and new rural construction, mines, highways, railway tunnels and other cave constructions, water conservancy and hydropower projects, slope treatment of geological disasters, construction features such as large amount of concrete pouring or narrow space such as foundation irrigation.

Performance characteristics of concrete mixer pump machine are:
1, Adopt a single-circuit open hydraulic system with low system pressure and no vulnerable components such as accumulators;
2, Optimized design of arc hopper, high suction efficiency;
3, Relay type integrated electronic control system, simple, reliable and reduce the concrete mixer pump machine price;
4, The hard alloy glasses plate and cutting ring have high hardness, longer life, repairable, and low cost;
5, Independent water cooling system, high cooling efficiency, easy to use;
6, Manual lubrication system, fuel-saving and reliable, to ensure the service life of rotation;
7, The outlet pressure is high, which can satisfy high-rise buildings and long-distance transportation;
8, The friction wheel between the rollers is driven by gears, which is reliable and does not slip;
9, The electric control cabinet is equipped with a wire remote control handle for easy operation;
10, It has a reverse pump function to minimize pipeline blockage.