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Cost of Setting Up a Ready Mix Concrete Plant


Cost of setting up a ready mix concrete plant is a relatively large investment, involving all aspects. How much does it cost to set up a ready mix concrete plant? First of all, the cost of setting up a ready mix concrete plant depends on whether it is a large scale concrete mixing plant, a medium sized concrete mixing plant, or a small scale concrete mixing plant. The cost will be different for different choices. On the other hand, the configuration is different and the price is also different. If the concrete mixing plant is used in terms of engineering, the configuration is much simpler, and there is no need to pay attention to the aesthetics, but the requirements for commercial concrete mixing plants are higher, and there are more labels for commercial concrete, which must meet the mixing of multiple labels, and the quality requirements of concrete are relatively high, the corresponding configuration needs to be much higher.


cost of setting up a ready mix concrete plant cost of set up a ready mix concrete plant


In the case that the configurations of various modern manufacturers tend to be consistent, cost of setting up a ready mix concrete plant depends on the the quality of the equipment. The quality of the components of the equipment determines the reliability of the concrete batching plant during operation, the accuracy of measurement and the service life. However, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers shoddy product accessories. After customers buy such products, they will continue to have problems, which will affect production efficiency and lead to reduced profits. Therefore, when customers purchase ready mix concrete plant, they should choose equipment from regular concrete batching plant manufacturers. The equipment is guaranteed and the after sales service is also good. Under normal circumstances, large-scale concrete mixing plants generally cost more than 0.5 million dollars, medium-sized concrete mixing plants generally cost about 1-2 hundred thousand dollars, and small-scale concrete mixing plants only cost about 10-20 thousand dollars.

In addition to equipment investment, the following aspects also need to be considered:
1. Investment in supporting equipment: power transformation equipment, experimental equipment, concrete mixer trucks, concrete pump trucks, etc.
2. Land investment. The land area occupied by different types of concrete mixing plants is different, and the corresponding rent is different. Generally, the rent in second- and third-tier cities or rural areas is low, and the rent in first-tier cities is higher.
3. The construction cost of the factory area. The construction of office buildings, the construction of workshops, the hardening of road surfaces, etc. all require a lot of manpower and material resources.
4. The labor cost of the company. Setting up a ready mix concrete plant requires sales personnel, logistics personnel, production personnel, transportation personnel, etc. The salary levels are different in different regions, and the wages of different jobs are also different.
5. Other costs. For example, the supporting equipment of the factory area, the purchase of raw materials, the reserved working capital and so on.

In short, there are many aspects to consider in cost of setting up a ready mix concrete plant, and the investment is not fixed, but the overall investment is more than one million. Of course, the profit in the later period is also very considerable.