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Double Shaft Concrete Mixer Supplier


Haomei Machinery is a processional double shaft concrete mixer supplier located in China with decades years construction machine manufacturing experience. The managers and operators who have used and operated double shaft concrete mixers for a long time know that after the raw materials are input into the concrete mixer, the blades installed on the shaft are rapidly rotated (100-1400 rpm for 1 minute) to form a ring. At the same time, the glue is applied by the nozzles parallel and axial. This double shaft concrete mixer equipment is characterized by compact structure, small to large volume, uniform stirring and high production efficiency.


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The double shaft concrete mixer supplier also have suggestions about the operation main points. After everything is normal to the double shaft concrete mixer, operate the handle to make the mixer drum forward and reverse 2~3 times at low speed, check whether the hydraulic transmission system is normal and after each discharge, the feeding hopper, the inside and outside of the mixing drum, and the discharge chute must be Wait for cleaning to prevent concrete from solidifying on the above components. To ensure that the twin shaft concrete mixer has a guarantee for the rapid production of concrete in batches.

What should be paid attention to when mixing concrete with double shaft concrete mixer?
1. First inject 1/2 of the total water;
2. Send one-half of the coarse aggregate, one-half of the sand, and all the cement into the mixing drum in turn, and then the remaining one-half of the sand;
3. Then feed the remaining half of the coarse aggregate into;
4. The rotating speed and mixing time of the mixing drum: the rotating speed of the mixing drum during feeding: 12-14r/min; the rotating speed of the mixing drum during stirring: 10-12r/min; the mixing time: 3-4min; the transport speed: 3-4r/ min;
5. Add 1/2 of the water to the construction site and stir quickly for 1~2min.