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Hot asphalt mixing plant


Hot asphalt mixing plant equipment is the mainstream asphalt mixing equipment, the production mode is batch measurement and mixing. The quality of the mixed asphalt mixture is good. Haomei is a hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer in China, the asphalt mixing plant mixing capacity is 40-400 ton/h, with high burn rate, high mixing efficiency, low pollution, high recycle rate and great duct collection effect.
hot asphalt mixing plant hot asphalt mix plant

The working process of hot asphalt mixing plant is as follows:
First, use the loader to shovel the aggregates of different specifications into the corresponding cold storage bin; transport them to the drying drum via the collecting belt conveyor and the feeding inclined belt conveyor.
Second, in the drying drum of hot mix asphalt plant, the sand and gravel materials are heated to a certain temperature by counter-current heating. During the drying process, the dust, lime soil and moisture contained in the cold aggregate are sucked into the dust collector. The heated hot aggregate flows into the hot aggregate elevator through the discharge port, and is discharged into the hot aggregate screening machine. The hot aggregate sieve is divided into several specifications through a sieving machine, and flows into the corresponding hot material storage bins for storage.
Third, according to the set ratio, it will be batched into the stone metering warehouse for accumulative measurement. At the same time, the hot asphalt from the asphalt supply system and the powder from the powder supply system are put into their respective metering devices for metering according to the set ratio.
Last, after weighing, the hot aggregate and powder are put into the mixing tank, and the hot asphalt is sprayed for forced mixing. The agitated finished product is discharged into the finished product silo for storage, and can also be directly discharged into a material dump truck.

The control system of hot asphalt mixing plant relies on the signals detected by various sensors to monitor real-time important parameters such as material ratio, asphalt content and mixing temperature, so as to ensure that the quality of the produced mixing material can meet the user's requirements.