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Mini Concrete Plant Cost


The mini concrete plant cost is low, that arouse the interest of many construction companies. Generally speaking, mini concrete plants are mainly used for concrete production on a certain project, while large concrete batching plants are mostly used for the production and sales of various types of concrete. The purpose of the two is different, and the configuration is also different. In the case that many investors prefer ready mix batching plants, mini concrete batching plants also have their own advantages. Below, Haomei Machinery briefly introduces the advantages of mini concrete batching plant and how much does mini concrete plant cost.


mini concrete plant cost cost of mini concrete plant


1, The mini concrete plant cost is low.

Due to the simple configuration, the price will not be very high. Generally speaking, the price of mini concrete batching plant is between 30,000 and 120,000 dollars. The main representative models are HZS25, HZS30, HZS50 and so on.

2, Low configuration and simple operation.

Because the concrete produced is used by itself, the cement silo and admixture in the mini concrete batching plant are relatively small, and the ingredients in the control silo are also in accordance with their own needs, which is relatively cost-saving and simpler to control.

3, The equipment is small in size, and it is convenient to place the cement silo.

Compared with the large concrete batching plant, the amount of additives used in the mini concrete plant is less, and the floor area is much smaller than that of the commercial concrete batching plant. On construction sites, placement options are more selective. The configuration freedom of the mini batching plant is relatively large, and it can be configured according to the actual situation of the user. The main concrete mixer can choose a forced mixer with stable output and uniform mixing, and the quality of the concrete produced can be comparable to that of commercial concrete mixing plants.


Is the mini concrete plant cost effective? After reading the brief introduction of the advantages of the above, in general, the mini concrete batching plant is also a good choice. Haomei Machinery is committed to the production of high end concrete mixing equipment, not only the product quality is guaranteed, but also the perfect after-sales service has greatly relieved customers' worries.