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Mini Concrete Batching Plant


Mini concrete batching plant is suitable for small-scale construction sites, precast plants and commercial concrete production plants. The concrete batching plant mini size includes the concrete batching plan with capacity of 25-60m3/h. As the small capacity, the cost to build a set of mini batching plant is low, therefore, buy mini concrete batch plant is a good choice of new starter or rural construction projects.


mini concrete batching plant concrete batching plant mini


Although the mini concrete batching plant has small capacity, it contains key parts of a standard concrete batching plant. Introduction to the role of equipment configuration of the mini type concrete batching plant:

1, The small concrete batching plant is composed of a mixing host, a batching machine and a material conveyor belt.
2, Twin shaft forced concrete mixer is used for the mixing host and aggregate lifting, and the PLD concrete batching machine is used for the aggregate batching part, which is loaded by the loader and measured by electronic scales.
3, Cement is stored in cement silo, conveyed by screw conveyor, and measured by cement scale.
4, The water is stored by the water tank and the reservoir, and the water is supplied by the water pump and measured by the water scale.
5, The liquid admixture should be stirred evenly in the admixture storage tank, and then sent to the admixture scale by the corrosion-resistant pump for measurement.
6, The whole batching and mixing process is automatically controlled by the electronic control system (manual control can also be used), and the control system can store multiple different concrete proportions for users to call at any time.

This series of mini concrete batching plant is different from the commercial concrete batching plants. The structure of the mini size concrete batching plant is simple, the installation and debugging are convenient, and the system configuration is relatively good. The metering system and control system use imported components, and the work reliability is high.