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Portable Type Concrete Batching Plant


Portable type concrete batching plant has the advantages of stable operation, convenient operation and movement, good mixing quality and high production efficiency. Portable concrete batching plant is suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects. The mobile concrete batching plant is developed on the basis of the fixed concrete batching plant. It is a new type of concrete batching plant that meets the needs of social development. Its appearance has attracted the attention of many manufacturers and builders, become one of the hot-selling concrete mixing equipment.


The characteristics of the portable type concrete batching plant include: high efficiency, fast, forced mixing, no segregation, quick disassembly and convenient transfer. Portable concrete batching plant can save cement, reduce costs, and is easy to operate. Also available in different configurations to meet your production needs. Folded belt conveyor transport, self-extending. All parts of the portable concrete batching plant are cleaned and maintained, waterproof motor control center, optional high pressure flushing eliminates the need to hand clean the concrete mixer. It is precisely because of these distinctive features that the performance of mobile concrete batching plant in use can always satisfy producers, which further promotes the expansion of the scope of use and development direction of mobile concrete mixing plants.

As a professional portable type concrete batching plant manufacturer in China, Haomei Machinery has rich experience in mobile concrete batching plant manufacturing and export, with mixing productivity of 25-90m3/h, besides of high efficiency and good quality, Haomei Machinery offer perfect after-sales service system:
1, The portable concrete batching plant equipment is guaranteed for one year, and the whole machine is maintained for life.
2, After the warranty period expires, the replacement components will be replaced according to the factory price of the components.
3, The maintenance time is that the maintenance personnel answer within 24 hours.
4, Users who purchase equipment from our factory can purchase spare parts from our company at a discount.