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Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


A mini mobile concrete batching plant is simply a mini type concrete batching plant that can be moved on wheels. Generally, a mobile concrete batching plant is equipped with wheels at the bottom of the concrete mixer, which can be easily moved. Therefore, most mobile concrete batching plant are small concrete mixers, the mixing productivity is about 25-90m3/h, the large concrete batching plants are stationary type. The same model stationary and mobile concrete batching plants may have same productivity, but the structure is much different.


mini mobile concrete batching plant mobile concrete batching plant mini

The overall pallet is the basic structure of the mini mobile concrete batching plant, it is different with stationary concrete batching plant, which is equivalent to the theme structure of the mobile concrete batching plant, but the main structure of the stationary concrete batching plant needs to be built after the construction site, while the mobile concrete batching plant does not require additional construction. The concrete mixer, control room, weighing unit,of mobile concrete batching plant are all on such an integral tray, which is equipped with wheels and traction trailers to realize the overall relocation of the mobile concrete mixing plant. The mobile concrete batching plant has less space occupation. The large finished product hopper and the storage hopper in the aggregate are reduced, and the height is low and the floor space is small.


The mini mobile concrete batching plant can be suitable for some special projects, temporary projects, etc., or projects that need to change the workplace frequently, which is more targeted. The mobile concrete plant adopts a trailer design, and the screw conveyor and the powder silo of each weighing system of the mixing host of the batching conveyor are highly integrated and form an integral structure, this special structure is designed to meet customer demand for efficiency functionality and compactness.