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Mobile Concrete Batch Plant For Sale


Mobile concrete batch plant for sale are very common in the construction of construction sites. The following Haomei Machinery will introduce the precautions for purchasing mobile concrete batching plants. I hope that friends who want to buy mobile concrete batch plant can buy their favorite products.


mobile concrete batch plant for sale mobile concrete batch plant sale


This series of mobile concrete batch plant for sale adopts a semi-trailer design. Comes with walking system and standard traction pin. The mobile concrete batching plant can be towed away with a single truck head. Compact structure, fast erection, no foundation, no debugging, it only takes one day from installation to use. In order to facilitate long-distance transportation, the mobile concrete batching plant can be split into several standard modules and loaded into containers. The performance label of the construction concrete decide to choose what kind of mixing host to use. For water conservancy projects, a forced mixing host must be selected. In addition, batching stations and storage bins should be selected according to the types of concrete materials that can be mixed. The task volume and construction period of concrete construction, use these two parameters to choose the size of the mobile concrete mixing plant. Let the total amount of concrete tasks be M; the number of concrete pouring days be T; the number of working hours per day be H. If the utilization factor is K, the specification X=M/T*H*K of the mobile concrete batch plant should be selected, where K is 0.7-0.9. The transportation status of the finished concrete should also be considered in the selection.

When choosing to purchase mobile concrete batch plant for sale, the influence of the construction object and the construction environment should be fully considered, so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality. We recommend that you be prepared for the following situations. When the construction site needs a large amount of pouring at one time, and the quality of the parts is high, and there is no mobile concrete batching plant nearby that can be reinforced, it is best to choose two mobile concrete batch plants with smaller specifications, or choose one main and one auxiliary dual machine configuration. If you have any questions about that I have summarized today, please contact us, and we will answer you in detail!