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YHZS mobile ready mix concrete plant


The YHZS mobile ready mix concrete plant that can be moved, installed quickly, and is environmentally friendly. The YHZS series mobile concrete batching plant has the advantages of safety, stability, environmental protection, energy saving and intelligence. With the advanced technology adopted, the mobile concrete plant can shorten the unloading time and increase the efficiency of the batching plant by 20%. At the same time, it can ensure that the tanker does not splash or leak when receiving materials, and there is no waste of concrete.

mobile ready mix concrete plant ready mix concrete plant mobile

The technique advantages of Haomei mobile ready mix concrete plant are:
1, Conveying system: wear-resistant and durable, convenient for maintenance
It adopts replaceable friction plate rubber-coated roller, which can be replaced in half an hour, which greatly shortens the maintenance time (old-fashioned roller replacement generally takes 4 days); five cleaning + water cleaning to reduce belt loss.
2, Powder metering system: scientific setting, accurate measurement
The structural design of the overall metering system is scientific, to avoid the adverse effects of the main building and other factors on the powder scale, and it is not easy to produce accumulation, weighing, dragging, and ensuring the measurement accuracy.
3, Liquid metering system: intelligent adjustment and quality controllable
Coarse and fine metering of liquid admixtures, as well as adjustment devices such as liquid storage bag and manual ball valve, can automatically realize the functions of over-weighing, deduction of weighing and missing weighing, and timely adjustment to improve metering accuracy. Equipped with admixture anti-leakage device to ensure the quality and safety of concrete.
4, Dust removal system: efficient dust removal, energy saving and consumption reduction
The impulse bag filter has a dust removal efficiency of up to 99.9% and low maintenance cost; the large fan actively extracts and removes dust, which can balance the pressure of each system in the mobile concrete batching plant to ensure measurement accuracy and feeding speed.
5, Intelligent control system: multiple guarantees and efficient management
The self-developed dual-computer synchronous production management control system realizes the free switching of three working modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual, making production control more free; online inspection and control of product quality, eliminating inferior products; blessing of failure warning patents, multiple guarantees for you The equipment does not stop; the data is automatically classified and summarized, and the cloud data is stored to ensure clear data and convenient operation.
6, Demand customization: vary according to needs, maximize benefits
Provide customized services and design different overall dust removal solutions, mobile ready mix concrete plant high-pressure cleaning systems, wet-mix recovery systems, control systems, etc., according to customer needs, all of which are adapted to local conditions and needs to maximize benefits.