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Paver Block Machine


The paver block machine is an equipment that uses cement, sand, water and pigment to press different specifications of colored bricks, road bricks and pavement blocks through a certain ratio. The paver bricks and blocks made are mainly used for community construction, community greening, protection of road kerbs, municipal-planned pedestrian streets, and household bricks.


paver block machine paver blocks machine

The existing paver block machine has reasonable structure design, low noise when making bricks, low power consumption, unnecessary auxiliary tools such as pallets and palletizing machines, high integration degree, convenient operation and operation, low labor intensity, compact machine structure, easy to carry and maintain. Paver block making machine can be used to produce various cement bricks and products, such as: standard bricks, porous bricks, hollow blocks, etc., which can be realized only by changing the mold, with simple structure and convenient operation.

The equipment features of paver block machine are:
1, The pavement brick making machine adopts manual operation and automatic control, and each action is controlled by the operating lever or button, which is relatively simple and does not require the operator's education level and physical strength;
2, The structure of the paver block making machine equipment is simple and the shape is relatively small. It can be moved according to the site, which is very convenient and requires a workshop;
3, This block s making machine adopts 220v voltage, which has low energy consumption and low cost of bricks produced;
4, The parts of the paver brick making machine are all mechanical parts, which will not be damaged during the production process, the failure rate is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is reduced;
5, The cost of the equipment is relatively low, and many customers can easily buy it. It is a popular brick making machine equipment;
6, Especially in remote areas, bricks can be produced in places with only 220v voltage, which is more convenient;
7, A paver brick making machine can produce a variety of bricks, which can meet the customer's demand for various bricks.