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Portable Batching Plant


The factors that need to be considered in building a portable batching plant mainly include actual use, production scale, construction site, supporting facilities, investment quota and so on. If you are building a small portable concrete batching plant, you need to consider factors such as the amount of work, the construction period, and the standards for concrete application in the actual project. If you are building a large portable concrete batching plant, you should consider the local concrete demand, the radiation capacity of the batching plant under construction, site selection, planning and other issues.



portable batching plant portable batching plants


The cost of building a portable batching plant is composed of land costs, worker wages, equipment costs, material costs, and daily expenses. The specific price also depends on the model and configuration of the portable concrete batching plant. The mixing capacity of portable concrete batch plant is 25-90m3/h. At present, the investment in the mobile concrete batching plant equipment on the market ranges from thousands to millions dollars. The specific equipment price depends on the productivity of the portable concrete batching plant, where to open it, whether it is a self-use concrete batching plant or a commercial mixed concrete batching plant, if it is in a rural area, if you have a site, you can open it for 10,000 to 100,000 dollars.

How much is the portable batching plant equipment? First, let's look at the cost of purchasing a complete set of equipment. Generally, a set of concrete batching plant equipment requires these equipment: forced concrete mixer, a concrete batching machine, belt conveying, water, cement, fly ash, additive weighing, several cement silos, centralized control, control room, air control system, these equipment can be selected according to the needs of users, the amount and configuration of different user needs to choose are differences, and the prices are also different.