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Ready Mix Concrete Plant Cost


The ready mix concrete plant cost consists of land costs, workers' wages, equipment costs, material costs and daily expenses. The configuration of ready mix concrete plant is generally high, the quality of the produced ready mix concrete is good, and it is used for sale. If you want to build a large scale ready mix concrete batching plant, the requirements such as equipment quality and personnel are relatively high, and the cost of small concrete batching plant is low and the risk is low, but the rate of return is relatively low.


ready mix concrete plant cost cost of ready mix concrete plant


The establishment of a ready mix concrete plant requires a large site, which can be purchased or leased, and the cost will vary by geographical location, which is based on local consumption levels. When building a ready mix concrete batching plant, in addition to ready mix concrete plant equipment purchase cost and land investment, office space needs to be built, generally including material warehouses, office buildings, dormitory buildings, laboratories, etc.

Building a ready mix concrete plant requires not only a concrete production line, but also transportation equipment, power transformation equipment and laboratory equipment. For example, the market price of a set of HZS120 concrete mixing plant is between 180,000 and 250,000 dollars, the price of power transformation equipment is about 50,000 dollars, the cost of experimental equipment is about 20,000 dollars, and the price of a large concrete mixer trucks is also hundreds of thousands.

Ready mix concrete plant cost also requires sales personnel, logistics personnel, production personnel, transportation personnel salary, etc. The salary levels are different in different regions, and the wages of different jobs are also different. The construction of office buildings, the construction of workshops, the hardening of road surfaces, etc. all require a lot of manpower and material resources. Regional differences are also one of the factors that affect the different investment in mixing plants. Different regional differences mainly affect the area of the entire ready mix concrete plant and the salary expenditure of the staff. The greater the regional differences, the greater the requirements for funds difference.