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Self Loading Mixer Machine Manufacturer


The self loading mixer machine manufacturer offer hot sale self loading mixer in various small and medium-sized projects in recent years. The self loading concrete mixer is composed of large arm, cab, mixing tank, looks like a small version of the excavator and tanker car, in fact, the function is also related. However, the big arm of the self loading mixer is called the loading arm, and it loads cement, sand, stone, aggregate and other raw materials to the mixing tank on a daily basis, and the capacity of the mixing tank is not large, basically it is mostly 1-4 square meters. Unlike the concrete mixer truck, the self loading mixer truck can mix the concrete directly at the construction site, instead of going to the commercial mixing plant to load the concrete and then deliver it to the construction site.


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Self loading mixer is an important equipment for concrete mixing and transportation, and its quality directly affects the quality of concrete and the progress of construction. Generally speaking, the quality of self loading mixer truck mainly includes the following aspects:
1.Equipment performance:
The performance of the self loading mixer directly affects the mixing and transportation efficiency of concrete. A good self loading mixer machine manufacturer should have the characteristics of fast mixing speed, uniform mixing, stable transportation, etc., and can meet the construction needs.
2.Operator quality:
The operator of the self loading mixer should have certain knowledge and operating skills, and be able to master the operating skills and precautions of the self loading concete mixer to ensure the mixing uniformity and transportation safety of concrete.
The daily maintenance of the self loading concrete mixer machine has a great impact on its quality. Timely replacement of wearing parts, regular inspection of oil quality, filter cleaning, etc. can ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of the self loading mixer.
4.Product quality supervision:
In order to ensure the quality of concrete, the concrete transported by the self loading mixer truck also needs to go through strict quality supervision and testing to ensure that it meets the relevant national standards and requirements.

To sum up, the quality of self loading mixer machine depends on many aspects such as self loading mixer machine manufacturer equipment performance, operator quality, maintenance and product quality supervision. Only by comprehensively improving these elements can we ensure the quality of the self loading mixer to meet the construction needs.