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Self Loading Transit Mixer For Sale


Models and production capacity of self loading transit mixer for sale varies by different manufacturer. Generally speaking, the models of self loading transit mixer can be categorized into small, medium and large. Different models correspond to different outputs, ranging from 1.2 cubic meters to 6.5 cubic meters. In addition, these self loading concrete transit mixer equipments are usually characterized by high efficiency, automation, energy saving and environmental protection, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of concrete construction.


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The selling points of self loading transit mixer for sale mainly include:
High degree of automation:
There is no need to transport the concrete from other places to the construction site, and the concrete can be produced directly at the construction site, which improves the construction efficiency and saves labor and time costs.
Flexible and convenient:
No need to support mechanical equipment such as re-discharging device or pumping equipment, when the construction site space is limited, you can unload more flexibly, and you can adjust the unloading volume and speed at any time.
Low energy consumption, environmental protection:
There is no long time standby, transportation pollution and secondary pollution in the process, etc., compared with the traditional concrete mixing method, self loading transit mixer is more environmentally friendly, and it can be larger to eliminate the mortar slump separation, settlement and stratification defects.
High efficiency and time-saving:
The operation of loading, mixing and unloading can be completed during traveling, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.
High safety:
The body structure and counterweight are reasonably designed, easy to operate, effectively reducing the safety risk.
Wide applicability:
It is suitable for various scenarios, whether it is highway, railroad or water conservancy project, etc. It can cope with the situation freely.
Convenient maintenance:
Due to the design characteristics of the self loading transit mixer for sale, the routine maintenance is relatively convenient and simple.
Cost saving:
Reduce the transportation and unloading links, reduce the cost of manpower and material resources.