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Skip Load Concrete Plant 25-60m3/h


The skip load concrete plant is one of the mixing structures, with compact structure, small floor space and easy relocation. The skip hopper concrete batching plant has been widely used in concrete engineering. Single lifting point lifting hopper is used for loading, stable performance and small footprint. The skip hopper adopts its own technology anti-falling device to ensure that the hopper never falls and has higher safety performance. High-precision metering and high-efficiency mixing technology, maximize the quality of concrete. It is suitable for the production and supply of commercial concrete on a small site.
skip load concrete plant skip load concrete plants

The hopper feeding mechanism of skip load concrete plant is mainly composed of a hoist, a hopper, a running track and an electronic control operating system. According to the program set by the electronic control operating system, the hoist drives the hopper to move up and down on the running track. When the hopper is at the bottom dead center, it receives the aggregate from the aggregate batching system; when the hopper moves to the top dead center, put the aggregate in the hopper into the agitator.

In just a few hours, together with the installation of the control room, concrete batching machine and other ancillary equipment, the concrete batching plant skip type can complete the pre-production preparations in only two to four days. The mixing material is loaded by hoisting and lifting the hopper. The unique design of the hopper and track can conveniently and efficiently contain and dump aggregates, and greatly reduce the area occupied by the site. The investment of skip load concrete plant is small, the space is small, the equipment is small, and the equipment is easy to maintain. It can be equipped with a performance independent control room, which makes the equipment operation convenient and safe, and can produce high-quality and efficient concrete under the condition of accurate metering of the batching machine.