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Buy small concrete mixing plant


The investment cost to buy a set of small concrete mixing plant has a lot to do with the model and configuration. The mixing capacity of small concrete batching plant is 25-60m3/h, which is not very high, but the mini concrete mixing pant has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation and transportation. Small concrete mixing plants can be divided into the following models: HZS25 concrete mixing plant, HZS35 concrete mixing plant, HZS50 concrete mixing plant and HZS60 concrete mixing plant.

small concrete mixing plant small concrete batching plant

Many issues must be considered in the construction of a small concrete mixing plant, such as the construction environment, alternative conditions, nearby water sources and power resources. In recent years, the government has strengthened supervision and inspection of the environmental performance of concrete mixing plants, and environmental protection should also meet standards. Any configuration change will cause changes in the price of the small concrete batching plant. Even if it is the same type of concrete mixing plant equipment, because of different customer requirements, the price list of concrete mixing plant can only be published in a price range. After fully communicating the actual needs of users, accurate concrete mixing plant prices can be calculated.

For the quality of small concrete mixing plant, the main issues to be considered are weighing and mixing.
1. Weighing
The accuracy of measurement and weighing is the key to ensuring the quality of concrete. A modern concrete mixing plant, the microcomputer processing and control of the batching process, combined with the visual display of information and the automatic printing of materials, has become a practical processing method;
2. Mixing
The material life and wear resistance problems of mixing make the chooser to consider the replacement and life of wearing parts, which is a huge usage fee.