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Stationary Batching Plant Price


The stationary batching plant price is cheap in Haomei Machinery since we have advanced production line to improve performance. The mixing process of the stationary concrete batching plant is a physical reaction without chemical reaction. Generally, a concrete batching machine is used to proportion the aggregate-sand and transported to the concrete mixer. At the same time, the metered cement and admixtures and other powder and water materials are added for transportation. To the concrete mixer, these materials are uniformly mixed by the concrete mixer to achieve the mixing uniformity to produce the finished concrete. At present, the entire operation process of the stationary concrete mixing plant is now carried out under computer control. It adopts automatic proportioning, automatic transportation and automatic mixing technology, which can conveniently produce special concrete for construction.

stationary batching plant price stationary batching plant

Besides of stationary batching plant price, the quality of stationary concrete batching plant is more worthy to pay attention when we are purchase concrete batching plant equipment. Thus, we should check the quality of the stationary concrete batching plant in the following aspects:
1. The operation of the transmission system should be sensitive, without abnormal noise;
2. The matching line installation should be reasonable, and the equipment installation should be correct
3. The radial runout of the discharging buckle ring of the concrete mixer should not exceed 1% of the diameter of the inlet. Check the quality of the steel bar of the vibrating screen on the concrete mixer and the reasonable size of the screen and the screen hole and check the accuracy of the device;
4. The quality of the cement silo is qualified;
5. The transmission of belt conveyors, bucket elevators and cantilever drag shovel should be stable, running sensitively, braking can be high, no abnormal noise, no jamming;
6. The safety valve cannot show air leakage;
7. It is also very important to check the measurement system of stationary batching plant price, to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the measurement system;
8. Attention should also be paid to the increase temperature of the cutting machine, to reach the temperature on the qualified book;
9. The feeding and discharging of the metering hopper should be smooth, and there should be no phenomena such as accumulation and overflow.