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Stationary Concrete Pump


Haomei Machinery is a stationary concrete pump manufacturer, which have engaged in concrete mixing and pumping machine for more than 30 years.

The configuration of stationary concrete pump offered by Haomei Machinery are:
Radiator: Adopts plate fin air-cooled radiator to ensure the system operates at the allowed highest temperature.
Main oil pump: Adopts German Hawe/Rexroth/Japanese Kawasaki series.
Lubrication system: Adopts fully automatic multi-point lubrication technology, one-to-one lubrication for better effect, effectively prolonging the lifespan of vulnerable parts.
Power system: The motor series power adopts well-known domestic and foreign brands: Yantai Motor, Qingdao Motor, Siemens Beide Motor.
Diesel engine series: The power system of concrete pump adopts original Volvo and Lovol diesel engines.
Electrical components: Main electrical products adopt Schneider, LG products, improving the reliability of the electrical control system.
Hydraulic hose connectors: Hydraulic hose connectors adopt Eaton products from the United States to ensure the safety of the hydraulic system without leakage.
Sealing parts for large cylinders: Sealing parts for large cylinders adopt Parker products from the United States.
S-valve: The S-valve is cast as a whole with high manganese steel. The easily worn surface is built up with wear-resistant materials, possessing the dual advantages of high pressure resistance and wear resistance.
Glasses plate cutting ring: The glasses plate cutting ring is manufactured with hard alloy inlays, durable and long-lasting.
Piston: The piston is made of imported materials and precision processed, with excellent quality of water resistance, wear resistance, and high temperature resistance.


stationary concrete pump stationary concrete pumps


Features and advantages of the fully hydraulic control system adopted in stationary concrete pump:
1.Extended component lifespan:
Adopts fully hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system, the pumping and S-pipe distribution alternating reversing actions do not require electrical signals, resulting in small reversing impact and low noise, significantly improving the lifespan of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve.
2.Improved equipment reliability:
The fully hydraulic control system eliminates the intermediate link of electrical control signals, greatly improving the operational reliability of the entire equipment.
3.Reduced failure frequency:
The fully hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system uses a centralized valve plate, which consolidates the main system hydraulic valves onto the valve plate, reducing the cross-connection of pipelines, making the system more compact and reducing the chance of oil leakage.
4.Reduced maintenance costs:
The fully hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system eliminates the four vulnerable components in the electrical control reversing system, reducing equipment maintenance costs.