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Trailer Pump For Sale


The trailer pump for sale due to its own high pressure and strong power, which greatly improves the construction efficiency of concrete pumping operations. How can we ensure the efficient construction of the concrete trailer pump during use? According to product characteristics and rich on-site construction experience, Haomei Machinery summarize the following points for your reference:

trailer pump for sale concrete trailer pump for sale

1, The trailer concrete pump must be equipped with a screen.
Many customers lost the screen when using the concrete pump, and still continue to use it without buying a new screen if it is stolen. Often after a few successful concrete pumping operations, the screen is considered to be a tasteless accessory, which is optional. In fact, the screen of trailer concrete pump is continuously improved after years of production experience, and each component plays its own role. As the first barrier for the transition of large stones, the screen may not be used if the quality of the concrete is high, but if the concrete stones are larger, the screen will become particularly effective, because the addition of a screen can be effective to avoid pipe blockage, thus greatly improving construction efficiency.

2, A certain amount of concrete must be left in the hopper to avoid air entering the pipeline. Once the air enters the pipeline of trailer pump for sale, it will easily cause the concrete backflow during the pumping operation, which will seriously affect the construction efficiency. If the concrete backflow really occurs during the pumping operation, you must immediately activate the reverse pump button and click three times repeatedly. Up to four times, this problem can be solved.

As long as the operation manual of the trailer pump for sale is strictly followed, the concrete pump can basically achieve efficient and trouble-free construction.