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Wet Mix Batching Plant


The wet mix batching plant management is the important method to improve the mixing efficiency and service life. As the country increases the management of concrete mixing plants, unqualified concrete mixing plants will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. In the process of wet mix concrete batching plant management, what basic elements need to be paid attention to?


wet mix batching plant wet mix concrete batching plant


1, Equipment management
The reason why we talk about equipment management, we all know that the concrete materials are made by mixing cement, sand and gravel, admixtures, water, and coal powder in a certain proportion. These raw materials are relatively hard, and the equipment will be worn for a long time. Therefore, the wet mix batching plant equipment needs to be maintained and repaired regularly.
2, Driver management
The reason why driver management is mentioned is because some concrete batching plant have their own concrete mixer truck team and equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and track the driver's transportation work on a daily basis. Ensure that the driver transports the concrete to the construction site on time in strict accordance with the needs of the construction party during the transportation.
3, Production scheduling
The production department issues a production plan and needs to coordinate the laboratory to work out the mix ratio as soon as possible. At the same time, coordinate with the dispatch center to arrange vehicle loading, transportation, and unloading. The connection of each link is closely linked.
4, Internal Process Management
From the production department receiving the order, to making the production plan, the proportioning, the production of concrete materials, and the scheduling of vehicles according to the schedule, the entire process must be smoothed to avoid the delay of the project due to process problems.
5, Risk Prevention
That is, wet mix batching plant proportioning quality prevention, concrete transportation prevention, traffic accident prevention, and financial risk prevention.