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Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant


    Productivity: 25-90m3/h


    Mix type: dry type without mixer


    Discharge Height: 3.8m


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Dry mix concrete batching plant are designed for accurately weighing of sand, gravel and cement in weigh batching machines. They are then discharged into chutes, which direct the mixture to waiting concrete mixer trucks. During discharge to the concrete transit mixer, the water is also volumetrically metered and discharged through the same chute. The material is then stirred/mixed on a concrete mixer truck at 70 - 100 rpm during transport to the construction site.


Dry mix batching plant equipment generally has a larger standard deviation of breaking strength, and there may be some variation between different loads. This is caused by differences in mixing time, truck blade and drum conditions, traffic conditions and many other external factors.

 The models of dry mix concrete plant are:




Batching machine

Discharge height






















 - It has higher capacity and lower energy consumption because can be mixed without water.

- The cooperation between the dry mix batching plant and the concrete mixer truck can increase productivity and save time.

- The fresh can be used because of the concrete mixer trucks arrive at the construction site.

- It shortens the construction and enhances productivity.

- It’s got lower power consumption when compared to the wet mix plant.

- Operating costs of dry batch are relatively low.

- It could be the short time period of maintenance needed when compared with wet mix plants.

- As in other mixing plants, such as mobile and stationary, the dry plant is also automated.

- If the site is quite long, it is an ideal choice for dry manufacturers. While the mixer truck going to the construction site, it may keep the rotation order to prevent tampering, hardening of the mixed and to ensure the freshness of the materials.

- Dry batch concrete plant is much-welcomed modern production equipment that is constantly significantly assist in the development and development of modern roads, bridges and various construction works.

Pre-Sales Services
  • Assist buyer to analyze the project requirements and help in selecting the most suitable model considering the actual requirement, budget and projected business.
  • We will provide professional one-to-one technical consulting services.
  • Our team of professional technicians and sales personnel will engage with you for technical communication.
  • Regularly provide performance, characteristics, scheme design, and various parameters of the machinery, and finally provide customers with satisfactory equipment.

On Sale Services
  • Once the contract is signed, the equipment production will be carried out in strict accordance with the technical specifications agreed with the buyer.
  • Our team will communicate and update the customer regarding the production progress during the manufacturing process.
  • Provide the buyer with a detailed list of – design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, acceptance, trial operation, and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Provide delivery inspection and acceptance

After-Sales Service
  • We will provide training services for your on-site production personnel.
  • We will assist and guide your team during the whole process of installation.
  • We will ensure to supply spare parts for equipment maintenance.
  • We will provide free maintenance service during the warranty period.

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