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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


The asphalt batch mix plant equipment produced by Haomei Machinery has a production capacity from 40 tons to 400 tons per hour. The whole asphalt mixing plant equipment adopts a modular design, which is easy to install and maintain, and is quick to move and transport. The whole set of asphalt batching plant equipment can realize manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control. These controls are completed by industrial PC/PLC, it has the functions of formula input, automatic drop correction, dynamic tracking of oil-stone ratio, automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and real-time printing. The inertial + pulse bag filter ensures strict environmental standards. The dust can be recycled and reused. The environmental noise and smoke emission concentration are within the national industry standards. It is suitable for urban and field construction.

asphalt batch mix plant asphalt mix batch plant

The total installed power of the asphalt batch mix plant equipment is low, and the fuel consumption rate per ton of mixture produced is less than 6.5kg, which saves energy and creates considerable economic benefits for users. Each silo adopts a frequency conversion speed regulating motor to control the feeding of the belt feeder, and a set-type hard tooth surface reducer is used, and the structure is compact. The special anti-pinch and anti-wear design is equipped with wear-resistant rib belt, which is safe, reliable and long life. The batching system of asphalt mixing plant also equipped with a material cut alarm system.

The drying drum of asphalt batch mix plant is driven by four motors and a hard-tooth surface reducer connected with four supporting wheels, and the drum is operated by friction. Compact structure, high transmission efficiency and smooth transmission. Various guide plates for heat exchange between the aggregate and the flame are distributed in the drum in order to realize the sufficient heat exchange of the aggregate in the drum. The burner with medium atomization technology can burn diesel, heavy oil and residual oil. Using compressed gas and fuel to mix and atomize, it can adapt to the fuel with relatively poor fluidity. The turndown ratio reaches 10:1. The burner of asphalt mixing plant has the characteristics of energy saving, low noise, and proportional automatic control.