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Asphalt Batch Plant For Sale


Asphalt batch plant for sale play a very important role in the road construction industry. Asphalt batching plants generate exhaust gas and dust during the production of asphalt. In order to ensure that the environment is not affected, asphalt mixing plant manufacturers need to take relevant measures to control these factors that pollute the environment. Haomei Machinery will introduce to you the treatment method of dust hazards in asphalt mixing plants.


asphalt batch plant for sale asphalt batch plants for sale

A large amount of dust pollution will be generated when using the asphalt batch plant for sale. If you want to reduce dust generation, you can start with improving the asphalt mixing plant equipment and optimize the design accuracy of each sealing part of the machine by improving the overall machine design. The asphalt batching plant is completely sealed during the mixing process, so dust in the asphalt mixing plant can be controlled. In addition, attention should be paid to optimizing the dust overflow link in the production process of asphalt mixing equipment.

Wind dust removal is also one of the methods to control dust hazards in asphalt mixing plant equipment. This method is a relatively old method, which mainly uses a cyclone dust collector for dust removal operations, but since such an old dust collector can only remove relatively large dust, it cannot fully meet the requirements of dust treatment. But now, the society has also improved and innovated the dust collector by using multiple sets of cyclone dust collectors of different sizes to complete the dust removal treatment of particles of various sizes.

In addition to the above two dust removal methods, the asphalt batch plant for sale can adopt two other dust removal methods: wet dust removal method and bag dust removal method. The wet dust removal method has a relatively high dust handling capacity and can remove the dust that occurs during the mixing process. However, since this method uses water as a raw material for dust removal, it causes water pollution. Bag-type dust removal method is a more suitable dust removal method in asphalt mixing plant equipment. This is a dry dust removal method suitable for handling fine dust particles.