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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant


Asphalt drum mix plant has low energy consumption, advanced technology, reasonable structure, compact layout, flexible movement of the whole machine, and convenient special construction. The advantages of drum mix asphalt plant are stable and reliable, high efficiency, low energy consumption, fast material discharge, continuous output, small footprint, fast installation. The transportation convenience and easy operation ensure our production progress and service is very good. The drum type asphalt mixing plant equipment is very stable during production, the material mixed out is very good, and the discharge speed is also fast.


asphalt drum mix plant drum mix asphalt plant


The design concept of DHB series asphalt drum mix plant is high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution. Asphalt mixing plant drum type uses PLC control system, which is easy to operate and easy to learn. The steel is thick, the welding is reasonable, the frame structure is compact, the after-sales service is timely and fast, the cost performance is high, the stirring ability is strong, the environmental protection is very good, the whole asphalt mixing plant machine is solid and durable, the degree of automation is high, environmental protection, the upgraded equipment saves fuel and costs. Compared with the forced type asphalt mixing plant equipment, the drum mix asphalt plant is cheap and practical, and it is easier to popularize and apply in domestic ordinary construction units.

DHB asphalt drum mix plant mainly includes: cold aggregate supply system, burner, drying drum, mixing drum, dust removal equipment, asphalt supply system, electronic control system, etc. Models of drum mix asphalt plant are DHB20, DHB40, DHB60, DHB80, DHB100 and so on. The duct collection system of drum type asphalt mixing plant is Bag dust removal/water dust removal, which is environment friendly. The price of asphalt mixing plant is related to brand, manufacturer, origin, etc. If you are interested in drum mix asphalt plant, please feel free to contact us.