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Concrete Mixer 1000L


Concrete mixer 1000l also known as 1 cubic concrete mixer, because in each working cycle, the output of the concrete mixer is 1 cubic meter. The discharge capacity of JS1000 concrete mixer is 1000L, the actual production capacity is 40-50m³/h, motor power is 2x18.5kw. Discharge capacity is 1000L, the mixing drum speed 25 rpm, feeding capacity is 1600L, aggregate particle size is 80mm. The mixing station cycle of JS1000 concrete mixer is generally 60 seconds. At the same time, it is also the main engine of HZS50 and HZS60 concrete batching plant. It has the advantages of convenient control of water addition, large mixing force, low power consumption, strong power, and built-in eddy current is adopt to prevent materials from agglomerating and siloed in the concrete mixer.


concrete mixer 1000l concrete mixer 1000L


The advanced concrete mixer 1000l model in Haomei Machinery is special designed to improve mixing efficiency and service life.
1, In order to ensure the wear resistance of the stirring shaft, our company uses super high chromium wearing parts with a chromium content of ≧ 26%. The stirring shaft has been fundamentally optimized, and the diameter is 50mm thicker than that of the domestic industry.
2, As a standard design, the JS1000 concrete mixer is equipped with a high-quality hexagonal mixing shaft, which has better torsional and bending strength. The hexagonal stirring shaft is more convenient to arrange the position of the stirring arm, so that it is arranged in a spiral shape, so as to achieve a better stirring effect.
3, The hydraulic unloading system is equipped with a manual door opening device, which can be manually opened in the event of a power failure.

There are also several configurations of the concrete mixer 1000l of the same model, so the price is also different. Haomei Machinery JS1000 concrete mixer configuration can choose single reducer or double reducer, you can choose gear reducer or pendulum thread reducer, and planetary reducer. Prices of concrete mixer JS1000 vary between different configurations. For more detailed information, please call our company for consultation and look forward to your cooperation.