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Double Shaft Mixer Hot Sale


The hot sale double shaft mixer has good mixing effect, convenient maintenance, it is economical and durable. It can be used as the main mixing machine of the concrete batching plant and is a cost-effective model. The structure of the double shaft concrete mixer is not complicated. The composition of the twin shaft mixer is mainly composed of the following parts, the mixing cylinder, the transmission mechanism, the mixing mechanism and other auxiliary mechanisms. The series of double shaft concrete mixer products include JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000 , JS3000 six main models. It can be combined with different types of PLD series concrete batching machine to form a simple concrete mixing plant.


double shaft mixer double shaft concrete mixer


The mixing quality of the double shaft mixer is very good. Compared with the traditional single shaft concrete mixer, the mixing speed is greatly improved, the operation is simple, and the use is safe and reliable. The performance features of twin shaft concrete mixer are:
1, The double shaft structure is consistent with the structure of the concrete mixer, with high mixing efficiency and good effect.
2, Manganese steel material is used for the drum of double shaft concrete mixer, it is durable.
3, Electric tilting, clean unloading, saving time and effort.
4, Mixing barrel to ensure that there is no dead corner in all-round mixing.

Both the axial and radial directions of the mixing arm are streamlined. During the mixing process, the double shaft mixer not only produces a radial cutting effect on the material, but also effectively promotes the material in the axial direction, so that the material is stirred more vigorously, and the concrete can reach a homogeneous state in a short time. And because of the unique design of the mixing device, the utilization rate of cement is improved.