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Asphalt Plant Mixer Equipment


In the development process of the construction industry, a material is often used—asphalt. When asphalt is used, it needs to be processed by asphalt plant mixer equipment. Asphalt mixing plants have many products in terms of manufacturers and specifications. We are in When choosing an asphalt mixer plant, it is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions, according to the size of the site and the needs of production scale, to choose products with better cost performance. We can not blindly pursue quality, nor blindly pursue low prices. So what is the difference between several asphalt mixer plant equipment that are often used?


1, Drum-type asphalt plant mixer equipment has the advantages of low cost and easy operation, so most normal road construction and repair projects will choose this equipment.
2, Mandatory asphalt mixing plant equipment, strong power, better quality of mixed asphalt. It can be stirred quantitatively, the quality of the finished product is relatively stable, and the mixing of the raw materials can be carried out evenly. The mixing quality and accuracy of batch type asphalt mixing plant is good among these asphalt mixing plants equipment types.
3, Green and environmentally friendly asphalt mixing equipment, as can be seen from the name, the main features are green and environmental protection, which can reduce the harmful substances in the emissions to a lesser extent.

The selection of asphalt plant mixer equipment mainly considers the reliability, goodness and versatility of the equipment. It is also required that the asphalt mixing plant has high measurement accuracy, good mixing quality, high production efficiency and low energy consumption. One of the advantages of asphalt mixing plant equipment is that it is very convenient to transport and install, and all have touch screen operation, which brings more and more convenience to our work. However, with the severe environmental problems now, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant equipment.