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Concrete Mixer Self Loading


In the past concrete construction projects, the application of traditional concrete mixer trucks and traditional concrete mixers are the two sources of concrete. One is matched with a commercial concrete mixing station to deliver concrete for the project, and the other is matched with multiple workers to mix concrete for the project. These two sources of concrete seem to be customized for large and small projects, making medium-sized projects at a loss in the middle of the two ends, until the emergence of concrete mixer self loading.


concrete mixer self loading concrete mixers self loading

The concrete mixer self loading is a new type of concrete mechanical equipment that can produce and transport concrete. There are enough raw materials, and it is not a problem to use how much concrete. This is especially suitable for the construction site in the suburban field, especially Construction projects of roads, floors, ditches, slope protection, etc.

In suburban fields and mountains that traditional mixer trucks cannot reach, self loading concrete mixer can be reached. Traditional concrete mixer trucks are expensive to mix. Self loading concrete mixers only need the price of raw materials. Traditional concrete mixer trucks are often mistaken. The concrete self loading mixer has zero waiting time, and the material can be discharged to the construction site immediately after mixing.

At the same time, compared with the traditional concrete mixer, the small self loading concrete mixer only needs 2 labors, the efficiency is several times higher than that of the traditional concrete mixer, and the advantages are obviously higher than that of the traditional concrete mixer.

The appearance and application of concrete mixer self loading have solved the thorny problems in the construction of medium-sized projects, and also brought about a turnaround in efficiency for small-scale projects. It is a popular technology equipment in small and medium-sized projects. It breaks the concrete use barrier "frozen" by traditional concrete mixers and concrete mixer trucks. It is a technological change, an innovative application, and a boon for thousands of projects. It opens a new chapter in the economical and convenient mode of concrete, and is a leap forward in concrete construction machinery.