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Dry Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


Dry mobile concrete batching plant is a special-purpose concrete batching plant, which is mainly used for projects with low requirements on concrete quality and long distances. The whole-process control of dry concrete quality has far-reaching significance for improving the construction level, improving the quality of the project, and ensuring the benefit of the project. Different from the common wet mobile concrete batching plant, the dry mobile concrete batching plant is not equipped with a central mixer, and is mixed by a concrete transit mixer truck during transportation. The construction process of dry mobile concrete plant: material selection → determination of mixing ratio → ingredients (sand, gravel, cement, admixture) loaded into the transit mixer → water injection into the water tank of the transit mixer → construction site.


dry mobile concrete batching plant dry mobile concrete batching plants


Compared with ordinary wet mobile concrete batching plants, dry mobile concrete batching plant do not require a mixing system, thus reducing the cost of construction. The batching of one truck of concrete is completed at one time, which saves production time and greatly improves production efficiency. Extend the time from concrete delivery to pouring and avoid waste. So the equipment price of dry mix mobile concrete batching plant is lower than wet mix mobile concrete batching plant. However, dry mixed concrete has stricter quality control on the quality of raw materials, concrete mix ratio, concrete pouring, maintenance and formwork removal and other construction process requirements.

The dry mobile concrete batching plant can achieve good mixing effect for concrete with dry hard plasticity and various proportions. Can the mobile concrete batching plant be loaded with containers? The overall dimensions of the transport unit of all components of the mobile concrete batching plant are smaller than the requirements for the empty size of the container, and three 40-foot high containers are required for the entire concrete batching plant to be transported.