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Concrete Mobile Plants


The production process of concrete mobile plants is a production process that circulates according to a certain pattern and can be followed regularly. It is closely integrated with all production links such as production planning, mix allocation, material arrangement, mixed production, sales and distribution. The data statistics work of concrete enterprises is quite heavy and complicated. Through program control, the mobile concrete plant production process is more rigorous and the production efficiency is higher. All links are more tightly integrated and human error in linking is reduced. Data on materials, production, technology and sales can be automatically collected and processed, and statistical work will become easier and more accurate.


concrete mobile plants concrete mobile plant

The maintenance significance of concrete mobile plants machinery are keep the machinery in good technical condition and clean appearance, reduce downtime, and improve the mechanical integrity rate and utilization rate. In the case of reasonable use, accidents caused by damage other than machinery will not affect production safety. Reduce the wear and tear of mechanical parts, avoid early damage, and extend the interval and service life of mobile concrete batching plant repairs. Reduce the operation and maintenance costs of machinery, and reduce the consumption of various materials such as fuel, lubricating oil, accessories, and replacement equipment to a lower level. Reduce noise and pollution.

Users of concrete mobile plants should regularly check the butterfly valve and related electrical components during use to ensure smooth operation of the mechanism, whether the connection between the powder hopper and the concrete mixer is smooth, and ensure normal feeding time; therefore, we often maintain and manage mobile concrete batching plant equipment to make the equipment In good working condition, check the hidden dangers in daily maintenance in time, guard against these hidden dangers, and ensure the safe operation of the mobile concrete plant.