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Asphalt Plant Mobile Type


The asphalt plant mobile type belongs to road machinery and equipment, intelligent and digital construction machinery. The heavyweight body shape is a strong guarantee for road construction. The LBY series mobile asphalt mixing plant is full of "wisdom", it has super capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, and is equipped with intelligent expert control system. The response has been good, and a large number of LBY asphalt mixing plants have been constructed in various places.


asphalt plant mobile mobile asphalt plant

Environmental protection, green, excellent emission are the main features of asphalt plant mobile:
1, After testing, in the actual production process, the emissions of the asphalt mixing plant all meet the standards. As the "master" of the highway construction, environmental protection and green production are the top priorities of the mobile asphalt plant.
2, The mobile asphalt mixing plant adopts the dust-free main building, which can realize fully enclosed production and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. Annular porous induced air technology, 100% all-round capture of dust and asphalt fumes, the escape is immediately blocked.
3, All-round dust removal. From loading to unloading, negative pressure, strong pressure, and orientation accurately correspond to the discharge points, the cold material channel negative pressure vacuum, the mixing host discharges the instant strong pressure vacuum, the finished material discharges the local directional vacuum, the dust collection mode minimizes fumes from fumes, and the dust removal efficiency is 99.9%.
4, Full pyrolysis of flue gas. The flue gas direct combustion method with outstanding environmental protection effect, the high temperature of nearly 2000 ℃ 100% cracking and oxidizing various styrene-acrylic pollutants, the dust collector filters the residual droplets and smoke for secondary capture and purification, and the smoke after the flue gas is directly burned. Feather and dust are far below the emission standards.

Excellent emission indicators make asphalt plant mobile welcomed on the market, and effective environmental protection measures are applied in the intelligent system more targeted.